Advertising Hype VS Reality

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association’s yearly Summit1. MIMA happens to be the oldest interactive marketing association in the US.

I’ve already learned great things from the smart people here, but one thing I really appreciate about some of the content is that it’s honest. For example, in a session focused on the Internet of Things, Liz Presson2 said this:

Technology isn’t going to save your business.

That felt a little contradictory because her talk heralded the incredible ways in which physical devices connected to the Internet are literally changing entire businesses which is why so many more businesses need network device monitoring, considering they have so many devices they need to monitor the health of, and monitor how they could or are affecting their network performance.—but she was spot on in her conviction. Using technology because it’s there or simply because it’s new and available (and popular) is a fool’s errand. The best brushes won’t make you an artist.

As another speaker, Dean Kamen3, said:

The engine of technology is getting bigger and will continue to. But a bigger engine doesn’t make a true difference unless the right person is behind the wheel.

In the face of the oppressive sensational advertising we face today, a breath of reality is refreshing.

For contrast, an example of advertising hype:

1. You can learn more about the MIMA Summit on the conference website.2. You can follow Liz Presson on Twitter.3. You can learn more about the amazing Dean Kamen, master inventor, on Wikipedia

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