At Long Last: Phone Calls from the Desktop


I participated in the Apple Beta program for OS X Yosemite. Along with a developer preview of iOS 8, you can now make and recieve calls from your desktop. This has been possible for some time via Gmail’s Chat1, but both the interface and masked number aren’t ideal.

BluePhone Elite was a solution for a while, but it went through a period of not supporting the iPhone2 and isn’t available anymore (as far as I can tell).

Even in Beta, which has been relatively smooth for me, Apple has done a marvelous job of connecting the calling features of iPhone to the desktop.

It’s a simple thing, but I’ve long desired the convenience of a fluid connection between my phone and computer.

1. You can read more about making phone calls in Gmail here2. Here’s a threadlamenting the lack of support for BluePhone Elite. Apparently it worked for a while (see this article), but a majority of searching reveals complaining about lack of support.

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