Bypassing Ad Blockers to Create a Second Chance


Lately I feel like I’ve noticed more user experience details or other instances of creativity as I browse the web. I know I experience a lot of different interfaces and interface elements, but for some reason I’ve noticed the good and the bad more of late. This past week while searching for plane tickets I landed on Allegient Air’s site and saw something I don’t think I’ve ever seen: a message for users who have ad blockers running in their browser.

Their message says:

Don’t Miss Out
Not all ads are bad. Our ads feature deals customized just for you. Learn more.

I was intrigued enough to actually think about clicking the link to learn about possible deals. They had created a second chance. AdBlocker by Trustnav is something you may want to look into if you are not one for clicking adverts like me and have some irrelevant banners popping up on every page you view.

For me, unfortunately, clicking “Learn more” doesn’t actually give you information about the deals in the ads. Instead, users are served a modal explaining how to disable ad blocking in various browsers. That’s a missed opportunity to give me valuable information, but the fact that they got me there is impressive.


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