Quick Takes: French Farm Breakfast

2014-06-09 00.33.07

We have been staying on a farm in Normandy and making trips to various monuments and battle sites in remember since of D-Day.

One of our favorite things about living on a farm has been the simple family breakfast. Everyone, including guests, gathers around the table and enjoys fresh French bread with butter and jam, yogurt, espresso/coffee and fresh cows milk…from that same morning.

We read the paper and talk about events as much as our poor French will allow, and listen to the family discuss news and work.

It is wonderful.

What to Expect from this Blog

One truism that I harp on relentlessly focuses on expectations:

All frustration is the result of unmet expectation.

Or, said another way, setting expectations well provides a great platform for relationship—to others, to work, to things we consume, to our time and so-on.

Recently I read a blog that I really enjoyed and the author did a very good job of explaining what his readers could expect in the about section. I really appreciated that because it gave me a context for evaluating how much time I wanted to invest in following and reading that author’s work. (As I’ve said before, we each have a limited number of precious hours to spend.)

I thought I’d take a cue from that experience and do the same thing here.

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