Ships as Thousand-Year-Old Tools

I’m in Charleston helping launch the first round of Academy classes. Amidst the craziness of last minute preparations, my wife and I stole a few moments to run out to Sullivan’s Island for a walk by the waves.

As we arrived a huge barge was entering the harbor, and when we left another was leaving.

Ships fascinate me—they are the oldest vehicle of long-distance commerce (and transport of goods) outside of livestock. In an age where technology seems to make every day items obsolete at a blinding rate, it’s somehow comforting to see an invention as useful today as it was 1000 years ago.

charleston-sullivans-island-beach-ships 4

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Happy 92nd, Papa

Today we made a trip to the mountains to wish my grandfather a happy 92nd birthday. Here he is walking out of his shop after finding a tool my dad and I needed to borrow from him:


The last living member of a 397-man troop, time spent with him is always inspiring. He recounts war stories like they happened yesterday and still works in his shop daily (starting at 4:30am). He also never misses a chance to take a playful jab if you give him a chance. And he still calls his son every day to pray with him. Every time my wife and I see him he asks her how I’m treating her, then looks me in the eye and says, “you’ll have to answer to me if she ever gives a bad report.”

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