Clever Outdoor Marketing (and Sales) Tactic from Pizza Hut

If you’ve ever attended a large event in a non-traditional event venue, you know that obtaining food and beverage can sometimes be a challenge.

I was visiting a friend in Brussels, Belgium today and we walked by a pop-up film festival on a large sidewalk area in front of a building. It was late and the kitchens in many restaurants were closed.

There was a bar on the corner behind the seating, so people were drinking, but my friend told me that the bar has very few food options. That’s when we spotted a bright red door (complete with doorbell) with a Pizza Hut “delivery point” sign and phone number.

On the back of the door was a menu and instructions.



The right product in the right place at the right time, in the form of an unmistakable bright red object.

Simple and smart—often the characteristics of great marketing.

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