Electric Fence Coreography and Wild Animals

These are transcripts of my wife recounting her dreams in stream-of-conscious format shortly after waking up.

Food for the team of electric fence choreographers was giant buckets of raw chicken. I told them to get the the chicken in the freezer because that and eggs were the only thing we had to eat. It was cold.

During our electric fence choreography routine, we would have to pry different wires open at different times to make various patterns, sometimes hopping back and forth in between the wires. If you messed up it would zap you.

We all threw our underwear in a hamper, and if they pulled your underwear, you had to do something really hard, and this obese lady’s underwear got pulled and I didn’t know how she was going to do the challenge because she couldn’t fit through the wires.

There were wild animals. There were huge boars, but they didn’t seem too aggressive, so I was just standing on tables throwing pieces of hot dog at them.

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