Quick Takes: Europe Travel Stats

I’m back state-side. Here are a few stats from the trip:

Geographic scope
Countries visited – 4 (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland)

Metros – too many to count
– 3 (Rail France, Trenitalia, SBB)
Taxis – 3 (all in Paris)
Arial trams – 3 (all in the Alps)
Buses – 2 (in Brussels and Zurich)
Airlines – 1 (EasyJet from Brussels to Milan)
Vehicles – 1 (we rode with a friend from Normandy to Belgium)

Airbnb – 2 (Paris and Milan)
Friends’ houses/apartments – 2 (Normandy and Belgium)
Hotels – 2 (Swiss Apls and Zurich)

Lowest – Sea level at Utah Beach in Normandy
Highest – 9,744ft at the Shilthorn summit in Switzerland

Points of Interest
Cathedrals – 6 (Paris, Carentan, Amien, Brussels, Milan)
Museums – 4 (Paris, Crisbeq/Normandy, Milan)
Canals – 3 (Paris, Milan, Zurich)
Nature/outdoors – 2 (Normandy coast in France, Bernese Oberland in Switzerland)

Alpine glacier water – too many liters to count
Beers – 5 (Countries: Belgian, Swiss, Italian, French, German)
Wines – 4 (Regions: Bordeaux, Rhone, Alsace and one we can’t remember)
Liquor – 1 (homemade Norman Calvados…incredible)

Cheese – too many varieties to count
Baguettes – 15
Schnitzels/sausages – 7
Chocolate croissants – 4
Gelato – 3
…among almost exclusively authentic local food in each place

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