Framed: The New Wall

After the plumbing was finished last Monday, my dad and I took to the lumber and framed in the new wall. We gained 12 square feet, which sounds small, but makes a big difference relative to the original footprint.

We were able to get the sticks up in one night, and I spend the next two nights problem solving boxes for medicine cabinets, tie-ins for a shelf, and supports for the wall-hung sink. By Friday night, we had ourselves a completely framed-in room.

2012-02-08 Bathroom framing 07

Old trusty. Wondering what the metal grating is? That’s the heater. For the entire house.

2012-02-08 Bathroom framing 04

If you look at the right side of the photo, you’ll see the dining room door that we are closing off.

2012-02-09 Bathroom framing 02

The finished wall.

2012-02-08 Bathroom framing 02

Boxing in the medicine cabinets.

2012-02-08 Bathroom framing 08

Victory. It was a long week.

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