From Idea to Production (or Sometimes I Get to Code)

I’m responsible for writing most of the copy on The Iron Yard’s website. It doesn’t change too often, but as we grow, add new cities, partnerships, etc. we’re often faced with the need for new pages, layouts and copy.

I happen to love writing code, so oftentimes I’ll create content and work on the site’s layout at the same time. If the task is small enough, we can pump out a new page in short order. Going from idea to production in a few hours is a great experience—you get to see the tangible results of your problem solving and creativity (and people’s use of the result) almost immediately.

I’m no professional, but it’s fun to dabble in UI decision making and the struggle to make it real in the browser.

I will mention that me rolling out new pages is only possible based on the super-slick framework (built on Jade Template Engine1, for the nerds in the room) put together by Andy Flack and Mason Stewart2.

Here’s a quick glance at the progression:




1. Read more about the Jade Template Engine on the official website.2. Head to Twitter to follow Andy and Mason, programmers extraordinaire.

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