Letters to the Company: I Won’t Be Available

I’m about to leave on an international trip with my family. I had told my company that I’d be available and working while on the trip, then realized that was poor leadership. So I wrote another letter. Here it is:

Hey Team,

I’m sitting in the airport thinking about the amazing adventure I have in front of me. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a hugely significant part of history with members of my family who likely won’t live to have the experience again after this.

Then I thought about telling all of you that I’d be available and working while I’m on the trip.

And then I realized that was the worst living example I could give you for how I think you should spend time with your families and loved ones. If and when any one of you have a chance to spend meaningful time with your family, I want you to do just that—not letting the tension of email or HipChat or work calls dilute such an important experience.

For me to encourage you in that way and live opposite myself is hypocritical. I’m not perfect—none of us are—but I do want to live with integrity as a leader of this amazing company.

So, I won’t be proactively available. I’m sure there will be times when we hop online to upload/share pictures, etc., but there will also be times where I completely disconnect so that I can fully experience what’s right in front of me.

See you soon!



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