Merlin Mann on Company Culture and Why People Quit

I’ve always loved this quote by Merlin Mann. He really cuts to the quick of what motivates us:

I want to do real things, to think about real stuff, for real people who need real things done, and I want to feel great about my environment when I do it. Not in a macramé, ‘let’s talk about our feelings’ way, but in a very muscular way of saying, ‘If I am going to spend 10 hours a day here, I need to like you guys a lot, and we need to have a culture that works.’

Money is the reason people say they leave a job, but culture is the reason that money became an issue, a lot of the time. If someone loves their job intensely and feels very keyed in to the culture of their work, they’ll find ways to make the money work a lot of the time, or at least longer than you would think.

—Merlin Mann

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