To Normandy, To Remember

2012-03-24 Herb Simmons 90th birthday 13

This is my grandfather, Herb Simmons, showing his medals to my wife.

My grandfather, who I’ve written about before1, was a part of the valiant group of soldiers who entered France through the beaches of Normandy, helping reclaim the country from German forces. He is the only living member of his troop and in one week my wife and I will join him for the 70th anniversary of the 1944 D-Day Invasion.

In all the Battle of Normandy resulted in over 209,000 deaths of Allied troops (over half American)2. To this day my grandfather can’t talk about it without crying. I know that I can’t imagine what that experience was like or feel the weight of sacrifice as deeply as him, but I know that he’s thankful I haven’t seen the things he’s seen.

Thank you, grandpa. And thank you to all of the soldiers past and present who have selflessly faced the horrors war and death in hopes of peace.

1. I recently wrote a happy birthday post for my grandfather’s 92nd birthday.2. Learn more on the D-Day Museum website.

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2 thoughts on “To Normandy, To Remember”

  1. What a moving and memorable experience that will be. I’m sure it won’t be easy for him, but having you there will be of great encouragement to him. I’m blessed to still have my grandfather around. He was a medic in World War 2. Parachuted behind enemy lines several times and received numerous medals for his bravery. He is an incredible man and it’s great to be able to continue to support him, your grandfather and all the other veterans to show our gratitude for all they went through and sacrificed.

    1. A moving story as well, Brian. Thank you for the kind words. It is a privilege for us to have such heritage in our family history. It’s an honor to honor those men.

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