Quotes Won’t Revolutionize Your Business


If I could read 77 quotes and suddenly experience all of the desired transformation I seek personally and in my business, I’d be…well…not writing about how to navigate the crazy adventure I’ve found myself on, for one.

I’m generally not one to rant, but running across that sensational headline was a reminder that we are often addicted to the quick fix, no matter what we are facing. We want the nugget, the secret passage way, that one silver bullet that we’ve been missing that will solve the problem.

Sometimes, we do find a flash of inspiration or solution that makes everything better (temporarily), but most of the time I think the search for magic is a salve to the painful realization that doing good work is just plain hard most of the time. The magic is actually in endurance—the ability to keep pushing forward and doing work, day in and day out.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.
—Woody Allen

Showing up and facing hard work doesn’t mean you don’t have to enjoy what you do, but it may look a lot less glamorous than headlines would lead us to believe.

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