Series: Making it Count

I’m slowly building a series of thoughts about running a fast growing company in the digital age and what that means for productivity, balance and how I spend the limited number of hours I’m endowed with. (Links to posts below.)

Each day I’m faced with more to do than can possibly be done, both at home and at work. Without a belief system to guide where and how I use the precious, limited number hours I’ve been given, I will inevitably waste them on things that do not move me closer to where I want to be. That would’t mean catastrophic disaster (and might be OK for some people), but I won’t be satisfied with a life where I had the potential to do great things and settled for less.

There’s been a huge amount written on this subject. Some of the pieces I’ve read are akin to entrepreneurial self-therapy through writing. That can be a good thing—writing can force you to really think through things. At the same time, the amount of snake-oil productivity and self-help advice out there is sickening.

For me, figuring this stuff out is extremely important. I’ve worked alongside too many people who have given up too much in the name work and looked back in regret. Many people are asking these questions and the answers will be different based on their personality and circumstances.

As I’ve grown and made mistakes, people who took the time to share honestly from their experiences have significantly reduced the learning curve for me and steered my feet away from many a pitfall.

As I do the same, hopefully someone following along will reap similar lessons on their journey.

Post 1: Introduction

Post 2: Values, Beliefs and Precious Hours

Post 3: Threads of Belief, Questions and Answers

Post 4: Distraction is the Enemy

Post 5: How I Steward My Time, Attention and Technology

Post 6: How I Consume the Internet

Post 7: Sleep, Exercise and Diet as the Foundations of Energy

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