Sprint, Breathe, Plan


The last nine months have been an absolute sprint at The Iron Yard1. We have staff running 9 campuses. That’s almost 1 per month. We’ve changed a huge number of lives (which has been a privilege) and personally I’ve learned more in this recent journey than in any other time in my life—both in work and in life.

Today—an overcast day in late September of 2014—the partners of The Iron Yard are taking a break to breath and plan. We’re asking big questions. What’s the end game? What does this look like in five years? What do each of us want out of this business? Are we accomplishing our mission? What do we want for our team? What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? Are we still having fun? Who gets the sky miles trophy? (Kidding…kind of.)

Exciting times aheads. Breathing and planning feels good and right, because it is.

1. You can read more about the business I serve (The Iron Yard) here.

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