Supply and Waste: Plumbing

The dust from broken plaster finally settled and a quick clean-up made the way for water and drainage. My gracious friend Steven (with whom I used to plumb) came over the day after demolition and we roughed-in the supply and waste in one evening.

In order to place and cut the opening for the toilet flange, we installed the first piece of subfloor as well. Seeing the space make progress back towards being an actual room in 36 hours gave us a great sense of accomplishment, and inspiration to keep pushing forward.

2012-02-06 Bathroom plumbing 03

Working quickly can mean leaving quite a trail of mess.

2012-02-06 Bathroom plumbing 04

Steven preparing the opening for the new vent.

2012-02-06 Bathroom plumbing 05

Sink drain (right side of the photo) and the first piece of subfloor.

2012-02-06 Bathroom plumbing 06

Hot, cold, and copper stub-outs.

2012-02-06 Bathroom plumbing 12

New veins below.

2012-02-06 Bathroom plumbing 13

Gnarled old supply lines.

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