The Green Room: Walls of Sheetrock

If I could pick one person to hang drywall with, it would be my brother-in-law Ben Stoner. Not only can he add and subtract fractions in his head with deftness, he”s a master of the tape measure and can think 3 steps ahead when making cuts. I”d actually cut my teeth on hanging sheetrock with him when I helped him finish off the attic space in a house not too far from my own. More than anything, though, we can communicate on the same page, and that makes the entire process much, much more smooth.

As if the week hadn”t been long enough, Ben”s availability meant that we started hanging the ceiling late Saturday afternoon. We were on quite a roll despite having to fabricate a few custom ceiling supports where a seam didn”t line up on a joist.

We were making such good time, in fact, that we decided to go ahead and start hanging walls. We charged forward with a tape measure, jab saw, and sheetrock knife, and we were able to finish hanging the three main walls. We worked for hours straight, and it was after midnight by the time we made our way out the door.

And this is the part where my exhaustion rears it”s ugly head. The next morning, as I was lying in bed thinking through the next steps and which materials were left, I sensed a slowly sinking realization that there were several rolls of unopened insulation in my shop. Insulation that was meant for the walls. Whoops.

When I told Ben, we both had a good laugh and kicked ourselves for such an obvious fluke.

Overall, the repercussions were minimal – my dad and I pulled the walls down, installed insulation, and had the walls back up in short order.

Next up: bead board.

2012-02-12 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 13

There”s no teacher like a good mistake, and my dad had the biggest laugh of all. “Now casino online that”s a good story to tell.”

2012-02-12 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 01

Three walls re-installed.

2012-02-12 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 03

The finished product. The joists on the lefthand side of the room weren”t exactly square, so getting the sheet up required a few additional screws around the light fixture. Thank goodness for drywall mud.

2012-02-12 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 07

2012-02-12 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 10

2012-02-15 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 01

We”re waiting to put the walls on the outside until we have a working bathroom. Finish work at night will be much easier when I can actually take up residence in the house again.

2012-02-15 Bathroom insulation and sheetrock 02

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