The Long List: Materials

Here are pictures of me and my dad loading materials after a careful and lengthy shopping spree.

A heartfelt thanks to:

  • Our families for giving us so many Lowes and Home Depot gift cards over the holidays
  • Julie”s parents for the use of Desert Storm, their long bed Ford pickup truck
  • Victor Berg for offering much needed guidance on the long materials list
  • My dad for helping me load up at Home Depot
  • James Pickens and Rick Harris for helping me unload the materials into the shed late at night. Moisture resistant sheetrock isn”t light.

online casino ericdodds, on Flickr”>2012-02-03 Bathroom remodel materials 06

2012-02-03 Bathroom remodel materials 08

2012-01-31 Bathroom remodel materials 01

2012-01-31 Bathroom remodel materials 03

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