User Experience Win: Skype’s “Install on Quit”


I’ve said before that I’m not a user experience or design expert. Even so, I do tend to have a pretty critical eye when it comes to using software, so it’s fun for me to find small details that make a big difference.

One frustrating thing about updating certain apps on your computer is that your workflow is interrupted by a dichotomy: either ignore the prompt to update the software (even if you want to), or stop what you are doing and go through the process of downloading and installing the new version of the app.

I recently opened Skype after not having used it for a while, and the app was out of date. I noticed, though that they gave me the option to “Install on Quit.” That’s the best of both worlds: I can continue what I’m doing and know that the app is going to be update.

On their own, small details can seem inconsequential, but they really add up.

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