Walls of White: Bead Board, Ceiling, and Window

Progress is a funny thing. Everything we accomplished up to finishing sheetrock was great, but much of the time it didn”t feel like leaps and bounds were being made. It felt more like we were pouring hours and hours into the same-looking construction zone.

Putting bead board up, finishing the ceiling, and replacing the window changed everything. Each hour of labor made the worksite look more like a finished water closet. Next job I think might be to purchase some shutters for all my windows from a place like Shuttercraft.

The 7 days between hanging drywall and having finished walls and ceiling were quite a blur of work, and fairly taxing on my sleep schedule. We”re cooking with gas now, though, and next up is tile.

Extra-special thanks are due to Eric Whitlock for helping hang breadboard on the three largest walls (and letting me borrow his nail-set), my dad for tackling the seam in the ceiling with the first two rounds of mud (and doing a mighty fine job that, with some careful sanding and feathering, made for a near-perfect finish), and my brother-in-law Ben, for his ever-perfect measurements.

2012-02-16 Bathroom bead board 02

I found this Porter-Cable 150psi buy viagra online compressor (and hose) at a roadside garage sale for $40, just days before we were going to hang bead board. I had heard my dad constantly complain about his cheap, stubborn, and inconsistent compressor, so I gave the find to him as a gift. Of course, he let me borrow it for my project.

2012-02-16 Bathroom bead board 01

First sheet up. Starting to look like a bathroom.

2012-02-16 Bathroom bead board 05

Man or giant? Whitlock nail setting the first seam.

2012-02-23 Bathroom bead board 02

The finished room. Looking good!

2012-02-20 Bathroom ceiling 02

Ceiling mudded and sanded.

2012-02-21 Bathroom bead board 02

My beautiful (and hard-working) fiancée, rolling on the first swaths of paint.

2012-02-22 Bathroom window 01

Old window removed. God provided us a summer-esque evening to work in.

2012-02-22 Bathroom window 04

Making a giant hole in the side of your house is a strange feeling. Also, windows are far easier to replace than you”d think.

2012-02-22 Bathroom window 05

A new window was worth not having to re-glaze this fossil.

2012-02-22 Bathroom window 06

So fresh and so…good at actually keeping heat and cool inside the house.

2012-02-23 Bathroom bead board 03

The new window and the finished walls.

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