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  • A pipeline stack for deeper analysis of Garmin data

    February 28, 2023 by

    I work at a company that makes data pipelines and I like to tinker, so when I came across a deficiency in Garmin’s reporting, I decided to see if I could build a basic pipeline stack that would deliver the analysis I was looking for. I’ll admit from the outset that my solution is overkill… Read more

  • Career Update: I Joined RudderStack as Director of Customer Success

    August 21, 2020 by

    We’ll start with the big news: after several years of consulting, I joined a San Francisco-based startup called RudderStack. I’m incredibly excited about the product and team, but more on that later. The consultancy, Yield Group, is still trucking, helping mid-market companies achieve data-driven growth. I’m also an active part of the team running OffSite,… Read more

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