Series: 2012 Bathroom Remodel

Below is the about page for a now-defunct blog that I migrated to this site for posterity’s sake. (The URL of the blog was “,” hence the waiting references in the copy.)

Right before I got married in 2012, I remodeled a bathroom in our first home. It was my first big adventure as far as remodeling projects go and it turned out pretty well. Here’s a list of the posts:

  1. Post 1 – Hello, Friend
  2. Post 2 – Heavy Iron: The Clawfoot Bathtub
  3. Post 3 – Heavier Iron: The Cast Iron Sink
  4. Post 4 – The Long List: Materials
  5. Post 5 – The Bathroom: Before
  6. Post 6 – Demolition
  7. Post 7 – Supply and Waste: Plumbing
  8. Post 8 – Framed: The New Wall
  9. Post 9 – Wired: The Electrical
  10. Post 10 – The Green Room: Walls of Sheetrock
  11. Post 11 – Walls of White: Beadboard, Ceiling, Window
  12. Post 12 – Checkered Floors: The Tile
  13. Post 13 – Attention to Detail: Trim
  14. Post 14 – Plumbing Part 2: Fixtures
  15. Post 15 – Places to Put Things: The Cabinet
  16. Post 16 – Before and After

Don’t Wait For What?

My lovely fiancé and I are working hard to remodel a bathroom in our little mill house before we get married in April. This weblog is where I will post possibly infrequent, and probably succinct, updates on our progress. Friends and family, we can’t wait to have you over this summer.

Don’t Wait for Us

The ever amazing Julie and the mostly dorky Eric.

Dont’ Wait For Me

My name is Eric Dodds. I live in South Carolina. I don’t have much facial hair, I enjoy strong coffee, and I’m glad you stopped by to check in on the re-modeling progress. You can learn more about me here, or send me a message via email.

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